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About Voluntary Carbon Projects

The Voluntary Carbon Market, which is an alternative carbon market developed in addition to Kyoto Mechanisms (Clean Development Mechanism, Emissions Trading, and Joint Implementation), has been in operation since 2005. In this market, greenhouse gas emission reductions from various activities are being certified by a series of well-recognized standards (Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standards, American Carbon Registry, Climate Action Reserve and Plan Vivo, etc.) depending on the geography in which the emission reduction happens. There are eight main emission reduction activities certified under global Voluntary Carbon Market (Tosun, 2019):

    1. Agriculture
    2. Chemical Processes &  Industrial Manufacturing 
    3. Energy Efficiency & Fuel Switch
    4. Forestry And Land Use
    5. Household Devices
    6. Renewable Energy
    7. Transportation
    8. Waste Disposal

Turkey is one of the five most active countries in the global Voluntary Carbon Market. Respective numbers for voluntary carbon projects implemented in the top five countries in between 2008-2018 are as follows:

    1. Hindistan (442)
    2. Çin (426)
    3. ABD (351)
    4. Türkiye (124) 
    5. Brezilya (97)

Global trends for developing voluntary projects are visualized via Figure 1.


Figure 1: Locations of Voluntary Carbon Offset Projects (2008-2018). Resource: Ecosystem Market Place, 2018

Fuatres Wind Power Project 

Life Climate and Energy Limited (Life Enerji) is an experienced consulting company in Turkey’s climate sector by providing high quality consultancy in emission reduction certification under Voluntary Carbon Market scheme for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. Since 2009, Life Enerji has developed over 100 Gold Standard and VCS Projects in the voluntary carbon market.

One of our valuable emission reduction certification project is Fuatres Wind Power Plant. This project serves with a 33 MWm/30 MWe installed capacity and consists of 10 turbines, ( 3.3 MWm/3.0 MWe – turbine capacity)  in Kemalpaşa County, İzmir (Turkey). The license of the project was issued by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) on February 23rd of 2012. The generated energy will be fed to the grid at Tire Işıklar transmission line. It has been developed as a Voluntary Carbon Project under Gold Standard.

There are three main phases in developing Gold Standard projects for emission reduction certification: Preliminary Review, Design Certification, and Performance Certification. Fuatres WPP has finished all of these three phases and is ready to issue its emission reduction certificates (carbon credits). The recent status of Fuatres WPP under Gold Standard can be seen via the Gold Standard registry public view.


Figure 2: A Picture From Fuatres WPP Enterance. (Kemalpaşa, İzmir)

Stakeholder Consultation in Fuatres WPP Voluntary Carbon Project

Stakeholder consultation is an important part for all of these three phases. With this step, which includes a site visit, it is aimed to receive feedback from local people who reside close to the project area and to check if all parameters  to be monitored as per Gold Standard Project Documents to certify emission reductions are properly implemented  throughout the project’s construction and operation or not. Fuatres WPP has previously completed stakeholder consultation steps for Preliminary Review and Design Certification phases. On 25 October 2019, stakeholder consultation of Fuatres WPP for Performance Certification phase has been conducted with the participation of Life Enerji (Project Carbon Consultant), Recarbon (Project Validator) and Borusan EnBW (Project Owner).

Gold Standard requires projects to contribute at least three of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including SDG 13 Climate Action to certify their emission reductions. Under the consultancy of Life Enerji, it has been recorded that Fuatres WPP contributes to the following SDG in this monitoring period:

  1. SDG 13 Climate Action:
    1. Approximately 95,000 tons of CO2e has been reduced by Fuatres WPP
    2. Approximately 26,000 tons of CO has been reduced by Fuatres WPP
    3. Approximately 3,000 tons of NMVOC has been reduced by Fuatres WPP
  1. SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth: 23 workers were employed at Fuatres WPP
  2. SDG 7 Affordable and Clean Energy: Approximately 92 MWh electricity generated by Fuatres WPP
  3. SDG 6 Clean Water and Sanitation: Approximately 2,000,000 m3 wastewater avoided during the operation of Fuatres WPP

The rest of the SDG parameters set by the United Nations can be seen in Figure 3

Figure 3: United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

In order to check whether the monitoring process for these four SDG parameters for Fuatres WPP was conducted correctly, Certification Manager Anıl Söyle has audited some sections of Fuatres WPP accompanied with Oğuz Tosun (Project Carbon Consultant, Life Enerji) and Emel Yaşaroğlu (Project Representative, Borusan EnBW). These units are listed below:

    • Master control room: Electric meters have been checked.
    • Waste collection units: Cesspool, solid waste collection cell, and recycling material collection cell have been checked.
    • Wind turbines: The placement and operation of the wind turbines have been checked.

Upon the completion of the audit in Fuatres WPP, no significant precautions were recorded by the auditor to follow. Only few documentation arrangements regarding the monitoring period were found as necessary.


Figure 4: Planning Meeting With Project Parties Before the Site Visit at Fuatres WPP


Figure 5: Master Control Room of Fuatres WPP


Figure 6: Electricity Meters in the Master Control Room


Figure 7: Waste Collection Rooms at Fuatres WPP


Figure 6: Cesspool of Fuatres WPP,

Fuatres WPP will gain 95,000 carbon credits (VER) for this monitoring period upon the completion of their issuance by Gold Standard.

Voices From the “Local”

Local stakeholder meeting with the residents of Bayramlı Village, which is close to Fuatres WPP, was the second part of the stakeholder consultation for Performance Certification. Eleven participants from nearby villagers has participated to the meeting. During the meeting, the villagers expressed positive opinion for the project and thanked for employment and scholarship for students provided by the project to their community.

Figure 7: Attendees of Local Stakeholder Meeting. Bayramlı Village, İzmir.

Power the “Future”

Life Enerji, involves in several climate change mitigation activities such as capacity development projects on Emission Trading System, Carbon Tax or Climate Finance, carbon footprinting, carbon offsetting and developing Voluntary Carbon Projects which are our core expertise area. All of these practices are crucial for countries to develop and implement necessary climate action plans. From this point of view, activities which contribute to global climate actions, such as renewable energy projects, needs to be promoted economically to achieve ambitious target  like 100% renewable energy. Voluntary Carbon Market has been designed for this precious purpose. Fuatres WPP is one of the most successful examples for both renewable energy generation and voluntary carbon projects. Therefore, as the carbon consultant of the Fuatres Wind Power Project, I am grateful to take my part developing this project as Gold Standard Voluntary Carbon Project and certifying its emission reductions. I believe that we still have a chance to solve the climate crisis if renewable energy projects .such as Fuatres WPP, are adequately supported without delay.

For further questions/ inquiries regarding this article or voluntary carbon market itself, please drop an email to or 



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