Evaluation Of The Impact Of Renewable Energy In Turkey

Within the scope of this project, a report on the development of renewable energy from past to present in Turkey and the effects of this development will be prepared.

Project Owner: German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ)
Project Starting Date:
March 2016
Project End Date:
In Progress
Project Explanation:
Environmental, social and economic impacts of renewable energy have become more prominent, with increasing using of renewable energy.

Within the scope of this Project, Life Enerji will prepare a report on development of environmental, social and economic impacts of renewable energy and the effects of this development. Future projections will be made in consideration of Turkey’s energy production policies. These projections will also present economic impact to policymakers, in addition to social and environmental impacts of the use of renewable energy, in the future. With the user friendly Excel tool that will be developed, both the effects for today will be able to be seen, and the effects for projections as well as the possible scenarios will be demonstrated. Within the scope of the project, two meetings will be held, one of them is feedback and the other one is closing meeting.

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