Evaluation of Applicability of an Emission Trading System For Turkey

Within the scope of the project, a roadmap for the establishment and operation of a emission trading system in Turkey has been drawn up and a report containing this study has been prepared.

Project Owner: Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, the World Bank (PMR)
Project Starting Date: November 2015
Project Ending Date: February 2017
Project Explanation: Turkey is evaluating market-based instruments such as carbon pricing in the scope of the fight against climate change to achieve its targets that are presented at the Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) of the country.

A consortium which is supported by Lawyer Özlem Döğerlioğlu and that includes Ecofys, FutureCamp and Life Enerji takes part in this project. The main purpose of the project is to map towards the consideration of establishment and operating a greenhouse gas emission trading system in Turkey. The main output of the project is the first analytical report that was prepared in the scope of PMR Turkey. The report of “Roadmap for the Consideration of Establishment and Operation of a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading System in Turkey” and “Emissions Trading in Turkey – Guidance for Plant Operators” have been prepared. For analytical report, please click.

The consortium held workshops to develop the road map in the preparation process of the report at the dates of February, March and September 2016, with the participation of three public and private sectors  and benefited from intensive stakeholder interaction. Capacity increase has been made on subjects of; design factors of emission trading system which is subject to the report, scenario studies for a pilot emission trading system in Turkey, policy interaction, legal and institutional infrastructure issues during workshops and meetings.

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