Application Process Brochure For Unlicensed Solar Energy Project Was Published

Lisanssız Güneş Enerjisi Projesi Başvuru Süreci Broşürü“, that was prepared by Life Enerji under the scope of Diyarbakır Solar Energy Capacity Development Project is printed.

The main purpose for preparing this brochure is explaining the steps to follow and points that need to be taken into consideration in this process, briefly in a user-friendly document for real or legal persons, who want to generate unlicensed electricity based on solar power.

Users, who want to have more comprehensive information, are advised to look at “Lisanssız-Güneş-Enerjisi-Santrali-Geliştirme-Kılavuzu.V1” that was prepared within the same project.

You can reach the brochure at the link below.

Lisanssız Güneş Enerjisi Projesi Başvuru Süreci Broşürü


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