Online System in terms of Designated Operational Entities (DOEs)

This article series describes how to use the Online System step by step by business, DOE, and verification bodies. In the previous two articles the Online System was discussed in terms of businesses and verification bodies. In this last part of the article, how to use the Online System by authenticators is described.

There are four different types of users in the Online System. These are the Ministry, businesses, verification bodies and DOEs.

The steps that will be taken in the Online System by verification bodies and DOEs take place in the “Notification of Verification and Authorization – Verification Guide”. You can use the following link to download the guide:

DOEs can only use the Online System through the verification bodies to which they are connected. DOEs who work full or part time can see the business information in the Online System if they are selected as the DOEs for verification by the verification bodies.

The process can be explained from the beginning; so, it is necessary to connect via the Online System after the business has signed an agreement with the verification bodies for the verification procedures. This connection can be established by the business through the Online System. Verification bodies cannot communicate with businesses through the Online System. The business, lists verification bodies that will be able to carry out the activities which are carried out in the plant with authority,  after completing emission report and sends a validation request to the verification bodies to which the contract is signed. If the verification body does not have the relevant authority, it will not be on the list of the relevant business and will not be able to send requests to this verification body for the verification process. When the verification body accepts the business’s request for verification through the Online System, the business and verification body will be contacted. Then, verification bodies assign the verification team to perform this verification process through the system. The DOEs in this team are both team leaders and have access to the business information through the Online System.

After this connection is established, the process until the verification report is prepared, is not executed through the Online System. In other words, strategic analysis and risk analysis are not prepared through the Online System. Either the evaluation of findings phase, or file exchange are not performed through the Online System. Procedure of the preparation of verification report  is carried out from the outside of the system.

The verification report is prepared by the DOE via the Online System. Template and monitoring plan of the verification report in the Online System are determined as in the emission report and DOEs can’t do anything out of this template. The verifier prepares the verification report but is not the sender of the verification report. DOE sends this verification report to the verifier for verification. If the verification approves this report, then this report is forwarded to the business.

In summary, the most important point of this article may be the perception that the prepared validation report has been delivered to the business, which is not true. Verification report is prepared by the DOE and certified by the verification bodies and again certified by the verification bodies.

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