Evaluation of Applicability of an Emissions Trading System for Turkey – Closing Conference

Evaluation Of Suitability Of Emissions Trading System for Turkey – Closing Conference was held between 12 – 13 December at Holiday Inn Hotel in Ankara. Executives of this project are; Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation – General Directorate of Environmental Management – Presidency of Climate Change Department, PMR Turkey Team and the World Bank. The executives of the project are Ecofys, FutureCamp and Life Enerji experts.

The purpose of the project is to map towards the consideration of establishment and operating a Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading System in Turkey. 3 workshops were held throughout the project. Workshops were held in order of February, March and September. Thanks to the workshops, very useful feedbacks were received from the participants about the report, which is the main output of the project.

The report of “Roadmap for the Consideration of Establishment and Operation of a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading System in Turkey” and the document of “Emissions Trading in Turkey – Guidance for Plant Operators” which are the main outputs of the project were presented, with this closing conference at the date of December 12. These two documents are available to participants in English both here and from the page of http://pmrturkiye.org/. The report focuses on eight design factors that policymakers need to decide on Emission Trading System:

  1. Determination of scope
  2. Determination of emission cap
  3. Allocation of allowances
  4. Considering the usage of offsets
  5. Deciding on time-dependent flexibility
  6. Price estimation and cost containment
  7. Ensuring the compliance with surveillance and legislation
  8. Choosing the option to connect to other ETS’s

The report investigates policy interactions by mapping policies in addition to the design factors of the Emissions Trading System. Also, it investigates legal and institutional infrastructure which is the other subject and need to discuss while designing an Emissions Trading System. Lastly, the report outlines an action plan to guide towards a pilot Turkish emissions trading system.

The prepared private sector guide which is prepared includes basic information about the emission trading system and useful tips, as well as checks for preparing an emission trading system.


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