Closing Conference on Market-Based Emission Reduction Policy Options Assessment Project Was Held in Turkey

In the scope of the Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR); ” Evaluation of Market-Based Abatement Policy Options for Turkey” Project, evaluates the suitability of different market-based instruments to reach Turkey’s greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. International experience and the extensive participation of stakeholders in Turkey have been utilized to develop potential approaches that could be applied in priority sectors in Turkey. Within the scope of the project; eligibilities for specified sectors (energy, industry, waste, buildings, transportation) of market based instruments such as carbon tax, energy efficiency trading, renewable energy trading, results based finance and scaled up crediting are being evaluated.

Executives of this project are; Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation – General Directorate of Environmental Management – Presidency of Climate Change Department, PMR Turkey Team. The executives of the project are Ricardo AEA, Ecofys and Life Enerji. The main output of the project is the publication of the analytical report on “Assestment of Marked Based Climate Change Policy Options for Turkey”.

Capacity building activities on market-based instruments to contribute the abatement of greenhouse gas emissions in Turkey started with the first guidance meeting in June 2016. Closing conference of the project was held succesfully with the participation of private and public sectors stakeholders at the date of 23 May 2017 in the Greenpark Hotel.

During the closing conference, carbon tax, energy efficiency certificate trade, renewable energy certificate trade, result-based financing and scale up crediting, which had been evaluated in compliance throughout the project, were examined individually. While each market-based instrument is examined as the report shows, revenue recycling for each of them and international examples as well as the experiences are included. Most importantly, how each market-based instrument, can interact with current and future policies in Turkey is evaluated. Lastly, during the conference, each market-based instrument and its suitability analysis of for Turkey for the relevant sector were carried out by experts. It deals with the five MBIs that were developed and analysed in terms of its suitability for Turkey. The five MBIs that are dealt with:

1) carbon tax that is applied to the electricity production;

2) energy efficiency trading system that is applied for buildings;

3) renewable energy certificate trading system that is applied to the power sector;

4) a system based on the Perform, Achieve, Trade model that is applied in the industrial sector in India;

5) result-based financing that is applied to the transport sector.

In addition, the project report will be published very soon. For more information specific to the project, please visit the official website of PMR Turkey.


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