Diyarbakır Solar Power Capacity Development Project

A guideline that explains the steps to be taken when developing a roof and land type solar power plant were prepared in the scope of the project.

Project Owner: United Kingdom Ankara Embassy – Welfare Fund
Project Start Date: May 2015
Project End Date: December 2015
Project Explanation: “Unlicensed Solar Power Development Guide” that contains the necessary steps that should be followed when performing solar energy based power generation on the roof and land type projects were published in both Turkish and English by Life Enerji.
For ”Unlicensed Solar Power Development Guide” click here.
A training was given to Diyarbakır Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) staff to encourage their members for investing in solar energy projects. In addition, two-day training was given to DCCI members to develop solar energy projects and these projects. Finally, a field visit was made to the solar power plant in which construction is ongoing in Denizli-Acıpayam and the participants and project owners shared their experiences on solar power plant development.

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