Verification of Validation and Authorization Notification Guide published

Activities carried out within the framework of the main strategic objectives of the “Capacity Building Project on Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of Greenhouse Gas Emissions” continue with the support of the Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) implemented by the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ) and benefitted by the T.C. Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation.  in the project. Lastly in the project, a new guide has been added to the guidelines that are prepared within the framework of the Legislation on the Monitoring of Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

As it is known, in the preparation of the guide, Life Enerji team, which was also involved before in the preparation of the Monitoring Plan Guide, has been commissioned and the studies started with the opening meeting  with participation of GIZ, Ministry and Life Enerji team in June, 2016.

The guide was prepared within the framework of the “Notification on the Verification of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Authorization of Certifying Bodies” which is entered in the force with being published in the Official Gazette, dated 02.04.2015, no. 29314 and it has been published under the name of “Notification of Validation and Authorization – Validation Guide” in the previous days.

This guide has been prepared for the use of certifying bodies as well as institutions. In the Verification Guide, which can be used in conjunction with legislation and other manuals and where applicable with attributions to these documents, it is aimed to explain what to pay attention to in the verification process of institutions and certifying bodies in an understandable way. For this purpose, various icons and boxes have been added for the reader in accordance with previous guides.

As we mentioned above, the Validation Guide has been written based on the Notification of Validation and Authorization, and several guide documents of the European Commission were also benefitted during the studies.

The verification guide is basically formed of 5 parts. The headings and contents of these parts are as follows:

  • General Information about Verification: Basic concepts that are commonly used and known in the verification process, information about the general principles of validation are given and it is an introductory section.
  • Validation Process in Online System: The Online System has been used by the institutions and the Ministry until this time. With the verification activities, DOEs as well as certifying bodies are also included in the system. In this part, the connection of the parties involved in the process with Online System and the processes that agencies can perform in the Online System are explained.
  • Verification Process: In the most comprehensive part of the guide, all steps that are taken in the verification process are handled individually. Various examples, visuals and guidance are included throughout the guide to make the process more understandable. Headings that need to be focused on institution and certifying bodies are also highlighted with the help of icons.
  • Sectoral Issues to be Considered in the Verification: Examples are given to sector specific situations that can be encountered during the verification process.
  • Appendix: Sample forms, templates, descriptions that are prepared to make the process more understandable are listed in this section. Also, In addition, relevant attachments are referred in the guide. Sample calendar for the process, sample of strategic analysis, sample finding form and sample verification report are some of the additions that are prepared.

Access to the Verification Guide from the digital media can be provided through web address of the Ministry or web address of the project.

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