Training of Trainers has been completed

Training of trainers organized by the Carbon Management Training Center of Turkey (KAREM), one of the institutions of the Turkey Environmental Foundation took place in February.

Trainings were given by Life Enerji team upon KAREM’s appointment and held between 21-24 February 2017 for 4 days in Antalya. During the first three days, monitoring-reporting-verification (MRV) issues were discussed comprehensively in accordance with the Legislation on theMonitoring of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. On the last day of the program, carbon footprint calculation methods were included.

Participants from different sectors (experts from industry, confirmers, consultants, etc.) also took part among the participant profile, which is mostly composed of academics.

The training program started with the opening speech by Andan TAN, who is Deputy General Manager of the T. C. Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation.

Following the opening speech, comprehensive monitoring-reporting-verification (MRV) training was started in accordance with the Legislation on the Monitoring of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Interactive sessions were also included in the presentations so that participants could understand the subjects more clearly. In this context, the main topics in the training were as follows:

  • Legislation on Monitoring – Reporting – Verification (MRV) and published guidelines
  • MRV process
  • Plants in the scope of the Regulation
  • Basic concepts about monitoring plan
  • Preparation of monitoring plan in online system
  • Assessment of Uncertainty
  • Data management and its control
  • Preparing emission reports in the online system
  • Overview of the verification process and validation steps

Following topics were mentioned related to carbon footprint calculation:

  • Methods and standards which are used in carbon footprint calculation
  • The concepts of carbon footprint for institution and product
  • Determination of scopes and boundaries
  • Calculation and reporting of emissions

During the training, participants were in contact and their questions were answered. The training program ended with the submission of the training certificates to the participants and with the multiple elective examination at the end of the training.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the event as Life Enerji team, once again. We wish to meet again at other productive events in the future…

Annotation: Those who want to access the training materials can access presentations through KAREM’s activity page. 

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