Evaluation of Suitability of Market-Based Instruments for Turkey – Feedback Meeting

Within the scope of the Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR); capacity building activities on market-based instruments to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Turkey started with the first steering meeting in June 2016. Within the scope of the project; eligibilities for specified sectors (energy, industry, waste, buildings, transportation) of market based instruments such as carbon tax, energy efficiency trading, renewable energy trading, results based finance and scaled up crediting are being evaluated.

Executives of this project are; Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation – General Directorate of Environmental Management – Department of Climate Change and PMR Turkey Team. The executives of the project are Ricardo AEA, Ecofys and Life Enerji experts. The main output of the project is the publication of the analytical report on “Assesment of Marked Based Climate Change Policy Options for Turkey”.

Second feedback meeting of the Project was completed successfully with the participation of public sector stakeholders on 13 January, 2017 at Green Park Hotel in Ankara. 2nd and 3rd sections were focused on the meeting. During the first two sessions of the meeting, the instruments for revenue raizing and revenue recycling were discussed. International examples and examples from Turkey were given about the instruments for revenue raising and revenue recycling. Additionally, earmarking of revenues recycled, sharing and distribution of earmarking as well as compensation to the responsible facilities were crossed over. Right after that, based on these four design factors, an interactive session was held with the participation of stakeholders on revenue recycling instrument and design factors.

In the second half of the meeting, 3rd section of the report was focused on. The second half of the meeting focused on interaction between market-based instruments and emission trading system. International examples were given about these subjects. Subsequently, conflicts for existing policies and market-based instruments in Turkey were examined. As a result of the steering meeting which was held in June 2016, market-based instruments that need to be worked primarily for each sector were focused on. At the end of this session, the stakeholders were divided into 4 groups and a sector was given to work for each group. Interaction of existing policies for each sector was studied during the interactive session.

For more information on the project specifically, please visit PMR Turkey’s official website.


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