Online System in terms of Verification Bodies

In this article series, how to use the Online System by businesses, lead verifiers and verification bodies is explained step by step. In previous article, the Online System was discussed in terms of businesses. In this paper, how to use Online System by verification bodies is explained.

The Online System has four different user types. These are the Ministry, businesses, the verification bodies and lead verifiers.

Which steps will be taken in the Online System by the verification bodies and lead verifiers are handled in “Notification of Verification and Authorization – Verification Guide”. You can use the following link to download the guide:

After verification bodies and businesses signed a contract, for verification procedures, they must establish a connection through the Online System. This connection can be established by the business via the online system. Verification bodies can not communicate with businesses through the Online System. After completing the emission report, business lists verification bodies that have the authority to carry out their activities in the facility and sends verification request to the verification bodies to which the contract has been signed with. If the verification body doesn’t have the relevant authority, it will not be listed in the list of the relevant business and the business will not be able to send requests to this verification body for verification procedures. When the verification body accepts the business’ verification request through the Online System, a connection will be established between the business and the verification body. Verification body can display the business’ monitoring plan, monitoring plan attachments, emission report and emissions report attachments, with this connection.

After accepting the verification request, the first step of verification body will be creating the verification team on the Online System. The verification team consists of lead verifier, verifier(s) and technical expert(s). The verification organization chooses its team members according to the activities of the facility in order to provide the appropriate authorization. The most important point here will be selecting the lead verifier in the team because the verification report is generated by the lead verifier. For this reason, whoever is chosen for this team as a lead verifier, this verification process is assigned to his/her account. Subsequently, the verification body fills; the date of the estimated field visit, the date of the contract and the number of man-days in the contract. At this stage, the verification body will be completed the first step for verification. Afterwards, the lead verifier executes the verification process with other team members and commences to prepare the verification report. In these verification activities, verification body has no role on the Online System. During this time, only verification report can be viewed in a readable format and verification bodies can not make any additions. The lead verifier commences to prepare the verification report and completes, after the verification procedures. Then the lead verifier neither forwards this report to the business nor to the Ministry. The lead verifier delivers the verification report to the verification body upon verification. At this stage, the verification body can only view the prepared verification report in readable format. If the prepared verification report is ready to be sent to the business, verification body confirms the verification report. Certifying of the verification report by the verification body means that the report is delivered to the business. As you can see, the verification report is prepared by the lead verifier and is approved by the verification body, then submitted to the business.

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