Online System From the Plants’ Perspective

In this article series, how to use the Online System by plants or facilities, lead verifiers and verification bodies will be explained step by step. In this article, how to use Online System by plants is explained.

The Online System has four different user types. These are the Ministry, plants, the verification bodies and lead verifiers.

There is a guideline which describes step by step on how to prepare monitoring plans and emission reports by businesses on the Online System. You can use the following link to download the guideline:

Businesses prepare their monitoring plans via the Online System and then transmit to the Ministry for approval through the system. Emission reports are also prepared via the Online System. However, the businesses must have a monitoring plan approved by the Ministry in order to prepare the emission report on the Online System. That is, businesses use approved monitoring plans to prepare annual emission reports on the Online System. The enterprise that prepared the emission report, when starting the verification procedures, accesses the list of certifying bodies that can verify the activities they are conducting in their facilities. In this way, the facility can filter the firms that provide verification authorization. After signing a contract with the verification body that it considers appropriate for verification procedures,  the business sends an authentication request to the  verification body via the Online System. Once the verification body accepts this request, the verification body and the business are matched up on the Online System. With this match, the verification body can reach the emission report of the enterprise and monitoring plan based on the emission report that was approved by the Ministry.

Verification activities that are carried out until the verification report is prepared can not be carried out on the Online System. For instance, the findings that are identified by the verification body/lead verifier are not transmitted through the Online System or document transmissions are not forwarded through the Online System. Once the verification activities are completed and the verification report is commenced to prepare, the lead verifier prepares the verification report through the Online System. Then the lead verifier transmits the verification report to the verification body upon verification. The verification body that confirms the verification report, sends the report to the business through the Online System as well. In other words, the verification report is forwarded by the verification body to the business, not to the Ministry. After the verification report is sent to the business, the verification report and the emission report merge into a verified emission report. Finally the business forwards the report to the Ministry. To summarize, the businesses prepare the monitoring plans through the Online System and get them approved by the Ministry. Then, businesses prepare the emission reports by using the monitoring plans and they submit the verification report after the verification process. Finally, they send the verified emission reports to the Ministry through the Online System. The Ministry does not approve or verify the emission report or the verified emission report, through the system again.

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