Date of Lead Verifier and Process Tests announced

Directorate General of Environmental Impact Assessment, Permit and Inspection were announced that the Lead Verifier and Process tests will be held on  July 16, 2016 at 10.00 am in Ankara.

The exams will be held in one session and the candidates will be able to participate in the examinations that they wish. The following table shows the distribution of questions and subjects.

No Examination Name Number of Questions
1 Petroleum Refining Examination(Education part 7.1) 10
2 Coke and Metal Industry Examination (Education part 7.2) 10
3 Primary Aluminum Production Examination (Education part 7.3) 10
4 Mineral Industry Examination (Education part 7.4) 10
5 Paper and Cellulose Production Examination (Education part 7.5) 10
6 Chemical Industry Examination (Education part 7.6) 10
7 Acid and Caprolactum Production Examination (Education part 7.7) 10
8 Lead Verifier Examination (Education part 8) 40


The exam time was announced as 120 minutes. As in the previous exam, the participants who succeed 70% of the examination will be evaluated successfully in this exam too. However, it should not be forgotten that the success rate for each exam will be evaluated separately.

The people who will take the exam;

  1. Must have participated in the related trainings,
  2. Must have passed the Verification exam on 20 March 2016,
  3. Must have at least one of the conditions that stated in the eighth anectode of article 52 in the Verification of Greenhouse Gas Emission Reports and Notification of Authorization of Verification Bodies.

The documents required for the application are as follows:

a) Application form.

b) Diploma or graduation certificate or equivalency certificate that approved by Council of Higher Education in case of graduation from foreign universities.

c) Certificate of Participation in Greenhouse Gas Verifier Training showing that you have completed your training on subjects will be taken in the exam.

ç) Documents that are showing at least one of the conditions that are stated in the eighth anectode of article 52 of the Notification of Verification and Authorization.

d) Receipt which is showing that the exam fee is paid.

However, no information has been given about the application form and where this application will be made.


The exam fee was announced as 160 TL including VAT and the fee can be paid between June 20 – July 4 to the following branch bank.

SAÜSEM Sakarya University Ziraat Branch Bank 5027-29516353  /

IBAN: TR28 0001 0019 4629 5163 5350 27

More detailed information can be found at:

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