Considerations While Preparing the Monitoring Plan for Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The need to monitor the greenhouse gas emissions that have existed in Europe for many years has become compulsory with the regulation which is now in force in Turkey. In this context, the Regulation on the Monitoring of Greenhouse Gases (Regulation) was published with revising in the Official Gazette numbered 29003 on 17 May 2014. 1 With the revised regulation, the process and dates for monitoring greenhouse gases have become more definite. In the previous version of the regulation, the monitoring plans which are expected to be submitted to the Ministry together with June, should be submitted with the revision until October. In this context, the Ministry is expected to publish the Communique on Monitoring and Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the coming days. It is known that the Ministry will publish the template of the greenhouse gas monitoring plan and the guidebooks of this template together with the Communique. This means that a very moving summer are waiting for both the facilities under the scope of Regulation Annex-1 and the Ministry. This new process which is waiting for the facilities, consists of two phases. The first stage is the creation of the monitoring plan and the second stage is the preparation of annual reports. Facilities should submit their monitoring plans to the Ministry’s approval by October 2014. Approved plans will be send back to facilities until December 2014. Plans that are not approved, will be send for correction of the facility and these plans will be asked to submit for the Ministry’s approval again. In the second stage, greenhouse gas emission reports will be prepared until April 2016 (using facility data from 1 January – 31 December 2015) and will be submitted to the Ministry after being checked by the verification bodies.

As a first step in this process, the facilities should examine Annex-1 in the Regulation. The facilities are required to find their own activities from the activities and determine whether the activities listed in this Annex have exceeded the given threshold value or production capacity. As a result, the facilities determine the greenhouse gases that they need to report.

This monitoring plan that will be prepared by the facilities is important in many respects. As mentioned in the process, the preparation of the greenhouse gas emission monitoring plan constitutes the first step of this process; reporting is the second step. Monitoring report that will be prepared upon the monitoring plan, will be prepared in accordance with the information and data used in the monitoring plan. Therefore, the prepared monitoring plan should be complete, consistent, transparent and realistic. In addition, the prepared greenhouse gas emission reports will be submitted to the Ministry after being checked and approved by the verification bodies. Therefore, it is important that the data contained in the monitoring report can be substantiated, hence in the monitoring plan.

Another important point is that; activities in the facility, emission source, emission point and flow of resources can be accurately and completely determined. The reason for this is that any lack or failure that may occur while preparing this stage of the monitoring plan will also affect the other steps of this plan. In case of incorrect selection and missing specification of the activities in the facility, emission source, emission point and source flows:

  • In the facility category,
  • In the monitoring method that needs to be selected,
  • At the facility stage (determination of activity data and calculation factors),
  • In the specification of measurement devices that are used (affects used device, lower-upper limit and sensitivity.),
  • Uncertainty assessment,
  • Laboratory analysis that will be done

causes these changes. In this regard, the activities of the facility, the emission source, the emission point and the source flows need to be examined in detail.

As a result, many issues will need to be considered while preparing the greenhouse gas emission monitoring plan and the emission report within the scope of the Communique that will be published in the coming months. Especially since the monitoring plan will directly affect the monitoring report, the monitoring plan should be prepared more carefully and sensitively, taking into account the above-mentioned considerations.


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