7th International Renewable Energy Conference Was Held (IRENEC 2017)

The first outcomes of the “Evaluation of Renewable Energy Technologies within Economic, Social and Environmental Indicators” Project which was benefitted by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey and carried out by the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ) in the scope of “Promotion of Grid-Connected Renewable Energy in Turkey”, were shared. A presentation was made for this project at the 7th International Renewable Energy Conference, which was held in Turkan Saylan Cultural Center – Istanbul, between the dates of 18-20 May 2017.

Life Enerji is preparing an evaluation report adeptly on the effects of increasing renewable energy use in Turkey. Within this context, environmental impacts of renewable energy are taken into consideration. Furthermore, social impacts of renewable energy projects are also considered.

Economic impacts will form a significant part of the project. Cost analyses that will attract the attention of the renewable energy investors, will be shown to them. In addition to that, access to financing will be discussed, since it is another important point for the investors’ view. Lastly, the imports of raw materials used to produce energy in our country will be evaluated on their impact on the country’s economy.

Within the scope of the project; the environmental, social and economic impacts will be calculated and presented in order to increase renewable energy in the future which would be in line with national targets.

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